Engleza pentru copii

copiii-invata-550x320Cunoasterea unei limbi straine inca din perioada scolara aduce beneficii copilului d-voastra. Astfel daca doriti sa oferiti copilului dumneavoastra o sansa in plus in viata sau are pur si simplu dificultati la scoala, studierea in timpul liber a unei limbi straine cu un profesor experimentat este solutia. Ce va oferim pe plus? Pe langa lectiile traditionale din manuale avem povesti audio si video, jocuri;  posibilitatea de a vedea invatarea unei limbi straine ca pe un lucru distractiv.

Knowing very well a foreign language helps your child even during school years. If you want to offer him/ her a better start, or simply she/he has difficulties in learning it , studying in his/her spare time with a private teacher is the solution. What do we offer extra? Besides the old fashion lessons from schoolbooks, we offer stories audio, video ones, games, the chance of seeing the process of learning as something funny.

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